Minimize Your Risk with Concussion Management

For the athlete who has just suffered a concussion, the key question is "When can I return to play?" Research shows that the athlete is more at risk for cumulative, recurrent or catastrophic consequences if they have not fully recovered before returning to play. While the majority of the time athletes will recover fully from a concussive injury, those who may still be susceptible to chronic cognitive and neurobehavioural difficulties include:

• Younger athletes under the age of 21
• Girls
• Athletes with previous concussion

The Post-Concussion Program

Step 1: Education and information on concussions and its management to players, coaches and parents.

Step 2: ImPACT: Computerized Neurocognitive Testing

  • Deemed as one of the cornerstones of proper concussion management by an international panel of sports medicine experts
  • It includes a baseline test at the start of the season and comparative post-concussion testing to help determine safe return to play
  • Measures player's symptoms, verbal and visual memory, processing speed and reaction time

Step 3: Proper Medical Management. Our physiotherapists and onsite physician have training in managing the concussed athlete, thereby ensuring optimal symptom resolution and safe return to play.

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