Disc Injury Management, Including the McKenzie Method

The McKenzie Method of Diagnosis and Treatment

The McKenzie Method is effective in helping to classify a patient’s spinal pain into one of three syndromes:

  • Posturally Caused Pain
  • Pain and Movement Dysfunctions Related to Soft Tissue Restriction
  • Pain Caused by Disc Derangements, e.g. Herniation or Protrusion

How is treatment implemented?

The treatment is implemented based on the patient’s responses to sustained or repeated spinal movements. The patient is prescribed the appropriate movements needed to decrease pain and regain mobility. Education is a vital component, such that patients are able to control the pain independently using the prescribed exercises while avoiding aggravating movements and positions. The ability of the McKenzie Method to reduce disc herniation is well researched and documented.

Who can practice the McKenzie Method?

This method is taught at the university level and addresses neck, thoracic, and low back pain. The McKenzie Institute offers a comprehensive post-graduate training curriculum, providing detailed knowledge and training in spinal pathology, biomechanics, and treatment. Therapists completing this training and examination process are credentialed in the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of Spinal Pain.

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