Pain Management with Gunn IMS in Windsor

What is Gunn IMS?

Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation involves the insertion of acupuncture needles into tight muscular bands supplied by specific nerve root levels. It was developed by Dr. Gunn, a Canadian anesthesiologist and pain specialist who has received numerous awards for his research publications. His research has validated the observed neurophysiologic responses, pain relief, and functional gains seen with this method of needling.

What type of pain does Gunn IMS treat?

Gunn IMS treats myofascial pain characterized by:

  • Deep, dull achiness
  • Chronic pain that does not resolve in the expected time frame
  • Tender spots felt as bands in the muscle
  • Restricted ranges of motion due to the shortened muscles

Why is Gunn IMS effective in treating chronic pain?

Gunn IMS is effective because it has a threefold benefit:

1. It mechanically releases tight bands to decompress the spine and related joints to recover range of motion.

2. It promotes nerve healing as the needling helps release healing factors from the blood.

3. The electric potential created from the needling of the sensitive muscle bands helps normalize nerve function.

Who can administer Gunn IMS?

While Gunn IMS is similar to traditional Chinese acupuncture, it is a system that requires a detailed assessment of the patient’s movement restrictions as well as the neuropathic changes seen in the muscles and skin. Practitioners have undergone training and certification through Dr. Gunn’s Institute for the Study of Pain.

The iSTOP website is an excellent resource for further readings on Dr. Gunn’s method of Intramuscular Stimulation.

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