Improve Your Static & Dynamic Core Stability with Redcord

What Is Redcord?

Redcord is a scientific breakthrough in the areas of movement assessment, stabilization exercise, and neuromuscular treatment. It uses a therapeutic exercise station employing a variety of slings and cords. The patient is suspended slightly above the treatment table. Unlike other suspension systems, Redcord's revolutionary bungee assistance provides the ability to offload the user's body weight. Even a sedentary 70 year old patient is able to perform many of the same exercises as an 18 year old athlete. It is useful for rehab, fitness, and athletic populations.

Evidence-Based Treatment

There are currently over 35 published scientific articles written specifically about Redcord as well as countless research studies supporting its concepts.

Basic Principles

1. Uses low load closed kinetic chain exercises with the patient’s body weight as resistance to reactivate deep stabilization muscles in order to promote joint stability, improved coordination, and pain reduction.

2. The exercise station is used to evaluate and treat neuromuscular function of multiple kinetic chains in multiple planes of movement. The emphasis is on the integration of local and global muscle function.

3. Corrective exercises focus on the quality of movement rather than on the quantity of resistance. Perturbation of the cords by the therapist facilitates co-contraction to increase proprioception and decrease pain sensation.

For more information, please visit Redcord’s official website.

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